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With a pedigree dating back to 1815, Royal Doulton began as a stoneware company in Lambeth, London.Royal Doulton Own a piece of English artistry About the Guest Perfectly suited for a position in his family's business, Michael Doulton passionately presents each piece from this world-renowned brand.As the great-great-grandson of the company's founder, he has worked for Royal Doulton for the past 30 years and has an extensive knowledge of the product.However, I did not want people to think that this is a fake marking, and wanted to also let users know who could not make out the artistic letters as ACC stood for.I also noticed that at least one of the links that were provided by users, spoke of the fact that there were artisans the worked in conjunction with the name Belleek, and that is why you have more than one marking on an item. Hi, the mark is from Lenox, previously Ceramic Art Company (CAC). American products marked Belleek are generally known as American Belleek.

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