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The CIA suits (led by a too-brief appearance from J. Simmons) are benign, bemused and rather gormless; it’s the knuckleheaded plebs who are out of control.

America’s troubles, it titters, are of their own making. Farce by its nature is a matter of escalation: each stage of the ever-increasing anarchy is entirely logical, but the net result is insanity. Then again, it could just be a big joke on celebrity.

It’s a high old tale about unintelligent intelligence. If No Country For Old Men was vintage port, Burn After Reading is a shot of tequila: eye watering and hard to swallow, but the after-effect is terrific.God knows, it errs on the dark side, but the noir is bleached out in the leafy sprawl of Washington DC.Members of the anti-Coen club (unresponsive to the Muncie song, indifferent to bowling) tend to cite the superficial glaze of their art; the tart, unlikable characters; and the smug self-satisfaction at their own cleverness.Mc Dormand’s disjointed smile and genius for body-language are ideal for nervy, jabbering Linda.Swinton’s snooty grace is primed for Ozzie’s untrustworthy spouse.

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