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Raising the arm to deliver a cut exposes the side to a thrust.This doctrine was exploited by Italian fencing masters in the 16th Century and became the primary rationale behind both the Italian and French schools of fencing The oldest surviving manual on western swordsmanship dates to around 1300, although historical references date fencing schools back to the 12th century.She makes a move toward his shot with the 1800 turn; the right armored arm makes a sliding block against the opponents arm.Thus the womans chest turns out to be next to the right shoulder of the man and her weapon appears just next to his open belly - his shield is on the left and his right arm with the sword is stretched ahead in a vain attempt to touch the enemy. The Amazons position seems to be critical but, once again, its just at first glance.The Amazon enticingly exposed herself; he can protect himself from her desperate strike by the shield, but her side is so close and the man makes a direct thrust.Possible Amazons actions: she shifts her center of gravity to the leg moved aside.

The first historical evidence from archaeology of a fencing contest was found on the wall of a temple within Egypt built at a time dated to approximately 1190 B. Homer's Iliad includes some of the earliest descriptions of combat with shield, sword and spear, usually between two heroes who pick one another for a duel.It was impossible to participate in wars and duels without the knowledge of the sword and other kinds of edged weapons.So, the fencing is the science and the art of mastering of edged weapons.The male warrior aims directly there, his sword points from below.He encounters two problems though: its more difficult to hit the opponents body disposed sideways and besides, in order to strike the receded opponent he should either stretch ahead or strike with a step.

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