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The inability of Nigeria's government and military to rescue the girls led, in part, to last year's electoral defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan, who was seen as uncaring and not committed to freeing them.

A social media campaign using the hashtag (hash)Bring Back Our Girls reached to the White House, where first lady Michelle Obama promised her husband would do all in his power to help.

Idahosa noted the response after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, when government leaders marched 'in solidarity, arm-in-arm over the death of 17 people.

Not to say that that is any less important than the lives of these girls, but the reality is that one Western life definitely has a different value from the value of a girl in Nigeria.''Children in this situation typically require medical assistance and psycho-social support to help them cope with what they have been through while they were in captivity,' said UNICEF spokeswoman Helene Sandbu Ryeng.'Our experience with children and women who were kidnapped by Boko Haram and freed by the military or escaped shows that they often face mistrust, stigma and rejection when they return to their communities,' she said.

Later in 1999, they applied to the University of Abuja to study Business Administration.

The Smooth Criminals disbanded when its members left to various other universities.

Amina is the first to have been freed for two years.

She was found in Simbasa forest, where Boko Haram are believed to be holding the girls The announcement that soldiers were starting to move into the Sambisa Forest, where Amina Ali was found, was made as the government came under criticism for their continuing failure to rescue the 218 girls, taken from a school in Chibok.

They later formed an a cappella quartet called "MMMPP" (M Clef a.k.a. Drawing inspiration from their music idol Michael Jackson, they began break dancing, formed the group called "Smooth Criminals" in 1997.

In an official visit to Colombia, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday met with the country's President in the capital, Bogotá, where the UN chief said it is the duty of all the citizens of the world to support the peace process there.

12 January South Sudan: Rebuilt bridge in Upper Nile helping local communities, improving aid delivery Migration, sustaining peace, development high on UN General Assembly’s agenda for 2018 South Africa responding to largest-ever Listeria outbreak – UN health agency More refugees and migrants feared lost in Mediterranean; UN urges safer resettlement options Iraqis returning home outnumber displaced for first time since 2013, says UN migration agency UN rights office urges Tunisian authorities to ensure freedom of peaceful assembly 11 January Boko Haram attacks, human trafficking threaten progress in West Africa and Sahel – UN envoy In Damascus, UN aid chief outlines measures to improve response to Syrian crisis in 2018 In Hargeisa, UN envoy for Somalia calls for calm and dialogue following clashes " href="/apps/news/story.asp?

Yesterday, Binta - whose husband died just six months after Amina was snatched - was reunited with the 19-year-old, embracing her with such joy onlookers said they were certain they were going to 'roll on the ground'.

Freedom: 19-year-old Amina Ali was found with her four month old baby and a man she said is her husband two years after she was kidnapped by Boko Haram alongside 275 other schoolgirl's preparing for exams Amina - the youngest of 13 children, and one of only two to survive past the age of five - was rescued from the Sambisa Forest, in Borno state by vigilantes helping the military and brought back to her home in Mbalala, near Chibok, yesterday.

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