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More importantly, this experience was now available to Nova Scotians themselves, and to their neighbours in the next-door provinces.

People who had never thought of taking a vacation before, now used their family car to travel for a day or a week, exploring unfamiliar parts of the province, and staying in a variety of new accommodations catering to people on the move like themselves.

The inn offers visitors five well-appointed suites and three apartment units.

Mornings at the Four Mile Beach Inn begin with a complementary homemade, all-you-can-eat breakfast either inside or out on the covered porch overlooking Aspy Bay and morning sun.

This suddenly-mobile mass market first became evident in the 1920s, and immediately opened up a world of opportunity for tourism entrepreneurs.

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From the inn visitors have a spectacular view of the Aspy Ridge and Aspy Bay.In the days before there was a motor vehicle in every driveway and good roads to drive it on, a trip to Nova Scotia was for the élite — those tired of New England or the St.Lawrence, and able to afford the rail or steamship fares to get here, and then the outlay required for a summer in the woods or at a coastal resort. Suddenly, anyone from anywhere could come to Nova Scotia, drive around easily, stay wherever they wanted, do what they liked doing, and remain for as long as they wished. Twilight Imperium Looking for a group who plays this with room for another player or two. Interests: Yoga, mindfulness, whole foods, exercise, nature, hiking, cycling, board games. Married man looking for friend to join me for breakfast this AM! I’m a 24yo female looking for someone to workout with me, usually I workout before my shift at am or after at ! Friends Recently moved back to The Valley and looking to make new friendships.

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