Dating violence statistics canada

– Lifetime rates somewhat higher among women than men.

(2015), see note 2; and Woodlock, D., Healey, L., Howe, K., Mc Guire, M., Geddes, V.

Women were much more likely than men to report visiting these types of professionals (49% compared to 17%, respectively). Even though men experience family violence at the same rate as women, the much higher rate of “police-reported data” is being pointed to as if to indicate there are significantly more female victims suggests that the police do not log cases of male victimization accurately and are more likely to consider a man to be the aggressor even when he contacts the police for support.

This double standard probably explains why men deem the police response far less satisfying than do women. CAFE is dedicated to advancing evidence-based public policies and bringing services to all those who need support.

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Currently we are committed to a single billboard for a 1 month period. Tweet or join the conversation on social media using #Lets Talk Men @Equality Canada In 2014, equal proportions of men and women reported being victims of spousal violence during the preceding 5 years (4%, respectively).

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