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Scientists believe biology and evolution are to blame, but others suggest this rationale ignores the important role culture plays in people’s attitudes toward sexuality.

Three recent studies surveyed more than 24,000 participants’ attitudes about their own sexual history and found that, while women tended to regret having sex (who they lost their virginity to, cheating on a partner, etc.), men regretted missing out on it (being too shy to make a move, not being more sexually adventurous, and so on).

Missing from the researchers’ conclusions (but hopefully not from further study) is how social norms and sexual double standards for men and women (“slut-shaming,” for example) affect people’s sexual decision-making Sexual double standards: a review and methodological critique of two decades of research. In this case, the researchers believe men are more attentive sexual partners in relationships and that two people having sex repeatedly makes both better at it, which could lead to better sex and more orgasms for women.

These forms of everyday discrimination most commonly included “rejection by potential romantic partners on the basis of weight.”For instance, were a “fat” gay man to approach someone in a bar, Foster-Gimbel and Engeln found that there was a “greater likelihood that the overweight man would be blatantly ignored, treated rudely, or mocked behind his back” than a heterosexual male of the same size.With that junior high personality its not surprising women aren't interested in you. I'm not having sex with attractive women because I am not interested in having sex. I'm more interested in growing as a man, instead of sticking it in. I've seen very good-looking women with average or below average men. There must be something very wrong with you if you can't even attract a below average/average woman. Probably not the response you were looking for, but I do know this worked more often than it didn't, as in, it always worked. Are you the type of guy who only wants the Mary Janes? They're so used to being eye-banged by the so many losers, they are thankfully for a little rest and they'll be intrigued. I pass for a much younger man, fact I still get carded when I go to nightclubs. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. A woman will only get to know your personality if you pass her looks threshold. I tried paying no attention to attractive women and they often pulled the "he's gay" card. I've seen it with my own eyes several times in my 20s. Ugly guy with confidence in his looks = seen as delusional, a court jester. This was in the workplace, the word got round that I seemed uninterested in women and the result was tit-for-tat homophobic comments and childish insults for 12 months. Call a dealer for some cocaine Call your friend who knows some girls and get them to come over your place. Girls come over, tell them they can have the cocaine if they get you off.

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