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The Library of Congress, like other libraries, has in its collection of maps many detached ones, and it may be said that the collections of most libraries are made up of such maps.

The voluminous catalogue of maps of the British Museum is composed to a great extent of such "separates," entered without bib- liographical information.

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The early Italian, Dutch, French, German, and English schools are well represented. Justin Winsor, in the Narrative and Critical History of America, volume *t, page 309, in an article entitled "The general atlases and charts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries," says: "The general atlases at this time becoming familiar to Europe were unfortunately made up on a thrifty principle, little conducive to keeping the public mind abreast of current discovery — so far as America, at least, was con- cerned — and very perplexing now to anyone studying the course of the cartographical development of American geographj'. Dates were sedulously erased with a deceitful purpose (which is not yet gone into disuse) from plates thus made to do service for many years, and united with other dated maps, to convey an impression of a like period of production." PREFATOKY NOTK V Some of the separate maps relating to America in these atlases have been described more in detail in the List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress. The latter is most important, as from it an approximate date may be given to the many atlases which are published without a date. To prevent repetition, full names and dates of birth and death are eliminated in the body of the work and given only in the author list. Facsimile atlas to the early history of cartography with reproductions of the most unportant maps printed in the XV and XVI centuries, fol.

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