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The prohibition of negiah is derived from two verses in Leviticus: "Any man shall not approach (לקרב lekarev ) his close relative to uncover nakedness; I am God" (18:6), and: "You shall not approach a woman in her time of unclean separation, to uncover her nakedness" ().

Actually I always think about it since for me its not that hard.

Halacha permits non-affectionate contact between men and women when necessary.

A quick handshake can be assumed to be business protocol.

Jewish Comedy Being a single 25 year old male many of the discussions that center around this age in both of the sexes has to do with shidduch dating, sex and shomer negia. During the couple years after high school is when most “frum” kids start to contemplate being shomer negia if they weren’t during high school or gave no thought to it, kind of like myself.

You see in high school was the first place I learned about the massive separation of the sexes campaign sponsored by the ultra orthodox community.

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