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In particular, Facebook has a variety of groups targeted to expats in Belgium.Often, there are folks who are looking to meet up in the ‘real’ world.That’s why we wanted to share our tips on where to meet people in Belgium.While the following examples are mostly specific to Brussels, you can apply these tips to your expat assignment anywhere in the world.Another added bonus, as many expats in Brussels are hosting meals, someone is bound to be cooking that food from home you’re missing.There are loads of options to pick from, especially in Brussels.

While one of the best things about being an expat is exposing yourself to new cultures, sometimes all you want is someone who understands your obscure cultural references (Raise your hand if you loved the Beachcombers).

Either way, you’ll meet like-minded people while doing something you love.

If walking into a room full of strangers and striking up a conversation doesn’t make you start to hyperventilate (like it does me) Brussels has plenty of networking opportunities.

Here are a few to try: What better way to meet people than over a home-cooked dinner.

You can do exactly that, by booking a meal on Bookalokal, a service we love.

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