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It is something like the pursuit of Bigfoot in the 1970s — if social media had existed back then, and if Bigfoot existed at all.

I am here to tell you that in the case of what's been reported at Waukegan Municipal Beach this winter, Bigfoot does indeed exist. Poor sport If you think real hard, it is a waste of money to watch grown up men run up and down a field of grass or wooden boards with a ball.

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"I fear for the country with Trump in the White House." Always the life of the party, I replied:...

Hitting home Regarding Trustee Semple of Mundelein somehow raising taxes on kids going to school who are not from homeowners.

Find out how many kids going to school in Mundelein do not come from homeowner homes.

Reconsider lakefront plans The Waukegan City Council should reconsider their lakefront development plans. I just read that California has legalized marijuana use. The holiday party was running smoothly when the conversation turned to the coming year of 2018 and another year of deep divisions in America.

Although I'll agree that the lakefront is ripe for development, doing anything less than razing the blighted area southwest of Belvidere and Sheridan will stymie any development. "I'm really scared of what's going on," the hostess said.

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